L’Écomarché Régional à Beresford was created in 2012 with the aim of promoting food producers in the Chaleur region and offering the population the opportunity to buy local, organic and seasonal products in one place. We want to be an exemplary farmer`s market in terms of eco-responsible behavior.

Our missions

  1. Promote the purchase of local products
  2. Support local products that have environmentally friendly practices
  3. Have access to a wide variety of local products under one roof.
  4. Encourage contact between producers and consumers
  5. Improve the eating habits of citizens by allowing them to feed themselves with fresh and better products.
  6. Contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by choosing foods that have traveled a short distance before arriving at our plates.
  7. To reduce the impact of consumption on the environment in terms of packaging and the use of preservatives.
  8. Promote the local and regional economy and develop a responsible purchasing conscience.

Our Sellers

ButterCup Sweet Shoppe

Fudge & cupcakes

Essentially Happy Co

Handmade hair accessories and essential oil products

Ferme Little River Farm

Micro-shoots farm

Vegetables Fruit

La coopérative Ferme Terre Partagée

Farm products, vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs.

Vegetables Fruit Meats Eggs

Laura chiasson



Les filles d'isabelle



Les jardins du voisin

Fresh vegetables from the garden


Les Sirops d'Acadie

Maple syrup, maple products, wood and resin earrings

Lynda Doucet

Wooden Decorations


Mawi Bakery

Breads and pastry


Murielle Wilson

Scarves, masks, shoe bags, clothes pins, window wipes, magic bags, knitted slippers...

Roland Haché

creation of wooden objects



Bracelets and essential oils


Sunlight Creations

Handcrafted Resin Jewelry & accessories

Suzanne Roussel

jewelry and fake fur




Les Légumes a Daniel

Mac Sunglasses

LonLon Ranch

La coopérative Ferme Terre Partagée

Steady Spade Farm

Financial Partners